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I don't know why but with this set up, I feel more at ease and less claustrophobic. Very strange. Perhaps, its the jovial and bright nature of the wallpaper I'm using combined with the increased amount of it I'm actually able to see.

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My Desktop As Of 04/30/2004

My Desktop As Of 04/30/2004

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I just discovered that the panels in "GNOME" can be told not to expand to fit the screen. Combined with the cool "collapse" buttons on either side (which collapse the panel into one button on whichever side of the screen you want), I now have the sweetest desktop. Still experimenting to figure out optimum placement of icons and such. Also, discovered the "transparency" slider which can be you see has worked on those three middle icons. I think I need to move those to a side or something. They don't look quite right. Anyhow, I heart GNOME.

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