Charter of the Coalition of Geeks for Sex

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perfectionism that has been sorely overlooked in the geek community as a whole

We believe that amazing, spine tingling, knee buckling sex for geeks is a right that needs to be protected

We learn and instruct

As an introduction, we suggest you listen to Nerd Porn Auteur at if you havent already. (Update: it appears the site is down for now. I do have a copy of it on hand, though. )

Here are the questions you'll need to answer in order to become part of the Coalition. There are many dimensions to the answers we would accept. Feel free to explore all of them and mail me your responses if you wish to join.

  • Do you claim to be a geek?
  • Are you comfortable with your geekhood?
  • Do you now or do you wish to in the future, excel at sex?
  • Do you feel comfortable discussing sex with other geeks?
  • Do you feel comfortable giving tips to others as you learn them?

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