Follow the Rabbit

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a way to get through the industrial park that sits right next to the mall, surrounded it seems by barbed wire.

I haven't had to walk home in the dark for a quite a while, and certainly not this late at night. I was enjoying (read: hating) the wind that pressed into my back as I walked along the southern perimeter of the parking lot when I spotted motion ahead of me. Out popped a young, little rabbit bounding away in fright. It's tiny cumulus tail flashed at me like a soft white lightbulb and drew me towards it. Little bugger was so juvenile she or he was probably humping or being humped with no chance to reproduce.

I walked into the grass to cut across to the trains. I hoped to find a path between the cars to avoid the barbed wire fence. Out bounded the rabbit again, this time across the little rivulet of water I would have to cross. I gauged myself and tested how dry the bank was and lept. My left foot fell directly in the middle of the ditch and up splashed the runoff.

"Whoops. Damn rabbit," I laughed.

I walked through tall weeds, chuckling at how I had really needed to get a nice running start, when I realized that I probably shouldn't have wandered this way with my sandals on. My sneakers were hung around my neck and a clean pair of black socks were in my pocket.

"Foot's too wet now," I thought. "Best just to keep moving and hope the weeds don't stab me too much."

As I came near the end of the tall weeds and up near the fence, out lept the tiny, juvenile rabbit. Away and to the left, right where I hoped to find entry past the park. So, onward I climbed up the gentle slope, trying not to think too much about the amount of mud that coagulated on my feet. As I drew near the better lit areas, I noticed an open gate.

"Genius, they left a barbed wire fence open at night. Sweet."

I plopped myself through to the other side and took a look at my surroundings.

"Hmmm.. open, well lit, and a bevy of semi's on my right. Let's do this thing."

Even though I was sure no one would see me, I dashed across the gravel.

"God, I would kill for Secret Agent Man to be playing right now. Woooo."

Six tall silver cynlinders cast shadows long enough for an army to hide in. The noise they generated might have covered a stumble or two but the lights from inside the factory/warehouse made me a bit nervous. I walked across the shadows and kept my eyes forward.

"Ok, so none of the security sees a 6 foot 2 man with blue hair and sandals walking across their property. Fucking amazing."

I saw an opening. A clear cut, free of fencing to the road ahead. Too easy. I sauntered over to the other side of the gravel field and found myself gawking as the damn rabbit bounded out in front of me south along a deep, watery ditch.

"Oh hell no, I'm not stumbling through an even bigger mess," I said as I glanced to my left.

Bam, a nice pipe to contain the flow of water made a perfect bridge to the road. I reached the top and felt the cars rushing by me. It was a good night for a walk along the road.

So now I'm sitting here with wet, muddy feet and wet, muddy sandals and wet, muddy pants and all I can think about is following the rabbit again.

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