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Back Then

Rant on.

The second semester of my senior year (2002) at BHSS, I spent half of my day as an intern at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

It made me dread any idea of ever taking a job out of tech support and of making a career doing "computer stuff" as many call it.

It was one of the worst job/school experiences of my life. The first half they had me doing "web design." But you might ask, what was a I really doing? Well, I'll tell you. I copied text from a poorly made, Microsoft Word generated HTML files into a template file for Macromedia Coldfusion. Not only was I forced into propagating an OS that has no business being a web server (Windows 2000 Professional) but my work was completely irrelevant. I was supposed to be making websites for instructors at Kelley but I had no information to work from.

I was told by my supervisor that he would get it and I never got it. I asked again and again and continued to get the same response. In the ende, I had finished only a small fraction of what I could have done. A few months later, after I had left, the guy was picked up for pedophilia, including luring boys my age into his apartment with alcohol, then leaving them alone to watch pornography on his computer and secretly video taping them. Did I mention the dude was a total asshole at work? Did I also mention that I had wondered before hand if he would ever "grow up?" Lack of maturity is a sign of pedophilia. I heard it described that "they love boys because they are still boys themselves."

The second half of my semester was spent doing "tech support." All I did was gopher work. I expected this and it was ok. A waste of my time, but it looked good on my applications. The vast majority of time was me doing nothing at all. I did meet one interesting professor who had worked on a million different OSes in his time. That funny bastard was an old school hacker.

The worst part of all of this was that I was shown, in entirety, the level of stupidity one could have a still do "computer stuff." Good lord, you didn't really have to understand anything. Reboot; check the printer queue; add more paper; that was all that was needed to do any of the jobs. The biggest surprise I got was the hostility towards linux. I mentioned my personal use of linux and I said that I really thought it was a solid OS, much more reliable than the Win2k install I had. This supervisor claimed that Linux couldn't freaking handle three quick power cycles (powering it up and then quickly powering it back down). This made me silently furious. I have no idea how he came to this conclusion. He must have been running a kernel version so old, I have never had a chance to run it. Not once have I ever heard of this problem. Hell, I've even tried to duplicate it. Nothing. Argh, I don't know why it bothers me so much. They'll complain about Microsoft forcing them to upgrade. They'll complain about how often the server's went down (often) but never once went out and tried something else.

I hate "experts" that can understand nor attempt anything that would clash with their point of view. Argh.

Rant off. Sorry, it just popped in my mind tonight while libbonobo built.

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