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Culture War a-comin' or has it already come? I'm stocked, locked and loaded. I've learned how to use my tools and I know my enemy. Let's see what we can make of it.
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God Hates Shrimp

Gleaned from John Fleck. Keep 'em coming, John.

Update: For some reason, the other banner I linked to went down. Well, not "down." It just became all white. Interesting..

Update: Whoops, my agnosticism finally caught up with me. I forgot that according to Mark 7:14-19 Jesus declared all food clean. Sorry for getting it wrong folks and we should all stop using the "God hates shrimp" line from now on. But it doesn't stop the quotes in Tit for Tat from being true.

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What the hell happened in Haiti? We've got Aristide saying that he was kidnapped, and the Administration is saying he left voluntarily and I'm sitting here with no evidence to believe either. Don't try and tell me that either group is too "untrustworthy" enough to be unbelievable. That's just ignorant. Evidence, I long for evidence.

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