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Culture Wars Are Over(?)

Excellent post, even if I disagree with it. I left a comment there that explains some of my reasoning (I hope). I'll add a bit here though.

I don't agree with a) "consensus cannot be coerced" and the comment I left explored that topic and b) that by calling it a "culture war" instead of a conflict "obliviates the need to justify...any such action."

Unjustified war is anathema to any democracy, to any nation that protects the basic rights of its citizens, and to any person who believes in human rights. Justification is the a necessary condition for waging modern war. Look at the polls over the war in Iraq alone. As soon as the public began realizing the justification was weak (at best), they began to doubt the ones that led them into it. Ret. Gen. Clark wrote a book called "Winning Modern War" that detailed the need for having justification prior to going to war and to continually reaffirm that justification during it because the public will simply not accept an unjustifiable war. No one wants their sons and daughters to die and certainly not for an unjustfiable attack.

This is all beside the point though. I will agree that the use of "culture war" is to call attention to the urgency of this matter. It is urgent. This is my (our, Edgewise?) nation and I'll be damned if I'm going to let it regress by a century. In the US, marriage is a right as decided by Loving vs. Virginia (wherein the Supreme Court determined that laws banning interracial marriage were unconstitutional), and I will not allow another human being's rights to be trampled on.

Don't tell me we make too much fuss when we defend the rights of others. If we don't make the stand here and now, we may not get a second chance.

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The majority of people finding their way to my site are searching for "My Pictures." What's really strange is that mywebsearch is by far the leader in that department. I've never heard of this engine before and it seems like it's Yet Another Bad Search Engine. It should be noted that I hold the One True Search Engine very close to my heart, so I'm not exactly unbiased.

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Vagina Dentata, Ain't No Passin' Craze

Originally, a phrase coined by Freud to describe an idea that he.. well.. It's not easy to say this but..

Look Freud was kind of a nutbag, ok? Sure, he did some good stuff but a lot of was just bad science. [Ed.: that was actually extremely easy to say]

"Vagina dentata" is a classic example of Freud's twisting of facts. He tried to prove the idea that men were naturally afraid of their penises being eaten by vaginas.


He claimed that the male clients (or patients or however psychoanalysts call them.. can't remember) he had interviewed has all shared this fear. Of course, he extrapolated this supposedly common fear from the dreams they described to him. The problem is when you actually look at his data, it's quite clear he distorted the truth. Freud needed to talk to a professional badly (ha! irony! I win the "I'm such a good writer" contest! It's even better when you point it out!). The good doctor had a habit of coming up with bizarre theories that didn't fit his data, but instead seemed to emanate from his own personal fears and quirks. Of course, not everything he said was completely outside of reality but he had more than his share of strange theories popping up.

Now you can seem from the link, its been co-opted by a webcomic. I find it abso-fuckin'-lutely hilarious.

Did I mention its really late and I really need sleep? I become some weird being who spews nothing but inane comments after 0230. In order to make up for it, let me also point you to the a hand drawn digital clock. This one is courtesy of BoingBoing. Enjoy, folks.

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Code .. BAAAAD!

So very, very wrong.
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