Something Similar 7.3.2004


Urgency of Progressive Action

Edgewise asks:

Which progressive reform is most urgent? Is women's suffrage more urgent than ending segregation? How does the urgency of ending something as directly harmful as slavery compare to more indirectly beneficial reforms like truly representative democracy that have the potential to facilitate ending many such directly harmful practices? How urgent is a given progressive reform to a rich, white, protestant, American male as compared to a poor, black, lesbian, atheist?

The urgency of the gay marriage issue came into being once social conservatives cried out against the Massachusetts ruling, against the San Francisco mayor and against those who disagreed with them. This became urgent went the President of the United States wanted to snuff the rights of others with the Federal Marriage Amendment. The issue of gay marriage is urgent because it is being brought to bear not just progressives, but by the social conservatives of the United States. This has placed the idea of gay marriage firmly in the minds of every American.

The American public is actively watching the issue of gay marriage. It is over every news cast, over every news paper, and is receiving more attention than anyone expected it to have even in the next 5 years. If we don't treat it as an urgent matter, we will lose the mind share of the nation. We must show what we believe and why we believe it. We must show them because if we don't the social conservatives will twist it around. They will make the public see it there way and our ideas will be reviled by the public.

Everyone is looking and now we've got to give it everything we've got.

Source: EdgeWise
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Back at the House

Just finished hooking my computer back up to the Net. Left both of my cat5 cables back in the dorms, and one of which was the spare one from the house that I normally use. Whoops. Then I went off and tended to my girlfriend who is not feeling well. Poor thing was burning up.

Edgewise, I'm reading your responses right now. Forgive the delay.

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