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Not quite

Welp, i can make it boot but the new udev.permissions and udev.rules isnt working. Heck, my mknod's arent even sticking around.. I'm really starting to get annoyed. argh.

Update: More annoyances. I lost the pretty OSX look. Well, the white/grey coloring and bars are there but the blue bubbles represented tabs, scrollbars and the like are gone. I hope the Yatticier3 theme gets updated soon.

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What To Do About Same Sex Marriage

The only times peoples minds are "poisoned" is when the protestors reasoning is so far from anything the mainstream would call logical that it seems to be no reason at all. They are the "noise" I was talking about before. Gay marriage does logically follow. See 12reasons for one take or the paper I'm working on (woo for self-aggrandizment). I think (though I am biased) that these reasons do logically follow, especially the "marriage is a right" argument from Loving vs. Virginia.

Also, I really believe the "extremists" are a bit further beyond than gay marriage supporters. When I think extremists, I think the folks that want the government out of marriage entirely. They say that marriage is only a religious contruct and has no business in the government. This is an idea that would make some people more accepting of the gay marriage issue. Bah.. either way, this isn't just "noise." People are having rational debates on this topic and from what I've seen in the polls Bush's FMA is getting quite a few dirty looks. It could that I do not have all the data but we should look to our past.

This nation was also split 50/50 when the Civil Rights era started coming into play. It took some time but the public opinion changed. Now we have the vast majority of our population approving of the black right to vote and so on. Obviously, the big wins come in the form of a judicial branch. The cases will eventually make it up to the Supreme Court and I think theres a better than good chance that the Supreme Court will agree. Of course, IANAL. Sigh.. we need to try though.

P.S.: btw that paper is nowhere near done so dont blast me for bad writing. I know I need to citations etc but its only a rough draft and its serving its purpose.

Update: Not my best work.. maybe more later.. im pretty fried

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This is so wrong..
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Jaime and Florin Rock My World

So Jaime just emailed the list with a (dirty) HOWTO for udev in Lunar. He and Florin have totally put this together while I came in late and bitched a lot. Thanks, guys.

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You all should go download the works of the Kleptones. I found these guys on BoingBoing originally and was intrigued by the mention of a mash-up that was created from Martin Luther King, Jr's "I Have A Dream", The Flaming Lip's "Are You An Hypnotist?" and Public Enemy's "By The Time I Get To Arizona." The title of the track is "Are You a Visionary?"

It's an amazing piece of "not Art" (hehe). They even have a nice tarba^H^H^H^H^Hzip file that has their entire Yoshimi Battles the Hip Hop Robots album inside of it. Go and love it. mmmm.. mixing.

P.S. Tarball, yeesh. Its been so long since I've had to deal with zip files. Thank god for file-roller. Its what WinZip couldn't even dream of being. Also, rhythmbox and nautilus' "Add to Library" function.. damn that is sweet.

Update: It should be noted that Public Enemy's song is actually about the time in the late 80s/early 90s when Arizona was refusing to honor MLK's holiday. Thus, its an obvious choice. Man, I wanted to make a song like "Visionary?" since the first time I heard "Arizona." I distinctly recall going "fuck, I need to get Audacity installed before anyone else thinks to do this." Sadly, I would have done a piss-poor job. Thanks, Kleptones. Smiley

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Nike! udev is my bitch

Got everything working! Of course, I also couldnt boot into my box about two and a half hours and none of the Live CDs ( a full linux install on a cd that uses a computers RAM for its filesystem for the uninitiated) use udev. Rightly so, as they are all old and udev is so fresh it is similar to somewhat underdone bread. Luckily, its really reached maturity (well mature like an adolescent) with the 021 release. I'm running 022 with a nice patch I found on the ml that makes it functional (hehe). The thanks goes to Florin for adding it to the Lunar module. You rock, dude.

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