Something Similar 18.3.2004


Complex Analysis Rocks

I finally found an equation that describes the rough idea of a graph I've had stuck in my head for the past few months.

z = -sin(t)-t+(I*(1/(t+(1/p))))
Where p is the height of the desired graph and on the interval 0<t<=infinity. As my prof point out, it would be better to establish where I want the right most points to go (the local minimums of z). Trying to figure out if the -t would put me too far to the left or to the right of fitting an exponential graph along the minimums. Probably too far to the right long term. Maple's complexplot() is slapping me around and I can't get a decent graph to pop up. I want it to give me a graph with the complex plane (i.e. x being all reals, and y being all imaginaries and t simply being a ungraphed value of time).

I was trying to use

z := t -> -sin(t)-t+(I*(1/(t+(1/2))));
But I get this
Broken Ass Graph


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Modest Mouse

These guys are just great. "Float On" is great and being a physics major means I feel an especial fondness for "Neverending Math Equations." I've also gotten this cool little remake of "Sleepwalking," the old 50s/early 60s song. Spectacular stuff here.
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