Something Similar 26.3.2004


Oral Disco?

I want one simply to scare the bejeezus out of people. Now there's a great name for a sex act.

Hm.. contest time! Make a sex act to fit the name. The more original the act, the better it is.

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A Young Man and A School Board

Yeah, yeah, lots of people dont like Michael Moore but I do. So nyah. This is a really cool story about his being a student on the school board.
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I'm Confused Too

Argh. Registration req. on the nytimes link but this site is handy. I love the intarweb Winky.
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Women With Genital Piercings: Stay Away From Georgia!

As one poster says "Absence of information = lousy law."

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The New Science Wars

This is just so incredibly invigorating. Ties in well with Scientists Protest Bush's Misuse of Science.

The Bush administration justifies environmental policies by misusing and misrepresenting science. The administration's harmful positions on climate change, pollution, forest management, and resource extraction ignore widely accepted scientific evidence. When the administration invokes science, it relies on research at odds with the scientific consensus, and contradicts, undermines, or suppresses the research of its own scientists. Furthermore, the administration cloaks environmentally damaging policies under misleading program names like "clear skies" and "healthy forests." As a result, the public and the media often wrongly believe that this administration uses sound science to help promote a healthy environment. In reality, the best available science indicates that President Bush's policies will cause and exacerbate damage to the natural systems on which we all depend.
Mmmm.. tasty.
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So I look at my inbox after getting home from my job at Waldenbooks and this is what I see:
Kat ( http:// ) sent you a message through the Python Community Server:

...But do you mind if I ask where you went to grade school? You have the same name and look like this guy named Jeff Hodges that I went to grade school/middle school with. Sorry if this comes off as a little wierd, i just randomly stumbled on your blog and now I have to know. :) Drop me an email back.
I google up the email addy that came with it and lo and behold, its a friend from my time at the Gagie School (pronounced with a long a, not "gag", and if you know why I make note of this, you went to school with me). Apparently, she keeps contact with a few other old school chums.

Kat (the artist formerly known as Katie) asked me "who are you?" That always a fun question to answer, so let me at least give you an inkling of who I've become since my time at Gagie.

I left MI with my family so that my mom could finish her Masters and PhD at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. I've forgotten most of Gagie time but I remember thinking I was hated by most of my classmates. My mother assures me this wasn't so but.. who the hell believes their mom on coolness issues? The only thing that kept me going on through high school was the thought of learning something interesting in college. Along my 5 years in Bloomingtion, I discovered that I really, really, really fucking loved physics and I've held on to this sick, sick obsession ever since. My mom picked up a position at BGSU which began the same year I started my freshman year of college. The lure of free tuition brought me to BG as well.

These days you'll find me doing one of many things of which I'll list a few. I'm a physics major who desperately wants to be a grad student who will desperately want to have a PhD in physics (with a specialty in quantum computing). I'm a developer on Lunar Linux. What's Linux and more specifically Lunar Linux, you ask? Well, <geeky tech rant> Linux is an operating system that has taken the tech world by storm. Its robust, secure, and fast and the source code (the text programmers type out and then compile into something the computer can undestand) is open for all to see. This methodology of programming is called Open Source and it's gained a tremendous foothold. Lunar Linux is a specific distribution of Linux that makes the installation of other Open Source programs easier. </geeky tech rant>

I play a minor but fun role of adding new programs to our build system, testing out other new build scripts and basically fucking my computer up as much as possible. My music collection is pretty broad and on any given day you'll find me rocking out to to Public Enemy, Radiohead, Mindless Self Indulgence, Stevie Wonder, The Roots, J-Live, Modest Mouse, O.A.R., Phish or Rage Against the Machine among others.

In the past couple of years, I've found enough confidence to look people in their eyes when I talk to them, that the easiest way to take a shot of alcohol is out a test tube (woo for hanging out with ochem people), and that I really enjoy sex. I've fond love with my wonderful girlfriend, Christina, and as of next week it will be one year with her.

I've found that if you want to try and pigeonhole my politics I fit into the civil libertarian/economic leftist area. I learned far too many awful songs in my days with "Sounds of South" in high school. I've decided that I'm agnostic (the laid back relation to religion ;). I've decided that I might be a slacker but I'm going to change it. I'm learning to like salad. The vast majority of the vegetable food group escapes me however.

I've found the only sport I really love watching is college basketball. I've found that I get way too excited about elegant equations describing physical phenomena. I've found that a hike once in a while can be fun, until the mosquitoes find me. Bastards. I've found that FLCL is the height of anime and should be seen by any who see beauty in the incoherent becoming coherent. Gorgeous. I've found that I'm not always sane, and I'm not always insane. Mostly, I'm OK with that... mostly. I sometimes talk too much and too fast. I wish I had been able to have a life long friendship with someone but I wouldn't give up what I've seen of the world for it. On that note, vomiting from dehydration outside of a Parisian restaurant and then fading in and out of consciousness in a tiny ass hotel room is not something I would recommend. Fortunately, the Louvre was wonderful, so the day wasn't a total bust.

There's some of me in a rather large nutshell. There's more but I've written too much already. Bah, your turn Smiley.

Update: Bah! grammar fixes!

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