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Some people ask me what the hell "grok" is and rightly so. I'm just a big, ol' geek who happened to read Heinlein's A Stranger in a Strange Land once and found this complex, one syllable word. Grok roughly means "a complete and full understanding beyond simply understanding." Sometimes its used in situations it shouldn't be (like the in the post below, whoops) but is for the most part really handy. Its not only understanding how to do something but understanding the finer points, the overall design, the reasons for each individual part, the structure, the flaws. Understanding beyond understanding. It's a handy word to have available and can be found in a variety of places.

On a side note, I've heard that Stranger is Heinlein's best work. I've also heard the rest is juvenile trite that is there simply to give him a place to fantasize about women. I haven't read any of it but from the plot summaries and character designs I've listened to it seems likely. I won't say "don't read it" but I would watch my step with Heinlein.

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DDJ on Jabber

Since my LaTeX and Jabber project was stopped hard by not grokking the Twisted code, I've been wondering if I shouldn't give jabberpy a go. Now Dr. Dobb's Journal has an article about it and I think I'm going to try my hand at writing the client again. It should be noted that the article requires registration but I you suggest you try username buggie with password buggie. You just might get in Winky. Also, BugMeNot is usually helpful but the user/pass combo I mentioned hasn't made it past the moderators yet.

Update: I think I'm going to use wxPython for a nice cross-platform GUI.

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Roe V. Wading In Deeper Water

This is all over the blogosphere but I figured I should note it. I really wish that the Feinstein bill had been passed instead. Instead of granting the fetus rights, we should be using it as an "aggravating factor" in case law. Bah.
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I've gotten so annoyed with all of the web searches looking for "my pictures" showing up in my Referrers and giving me hits I don't deserve that I've changed the title for my Pictures section. I like the new title better anyway Smiley.
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