Something Similar 29.3.2004


Camera Obscura

This is absolutely fucking hilarious. Here , here, and here
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Modest Mouse - Polar Opposites

im tryin
im tryin' to
drink away the part of the day that i cannot sleep away
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Topics or Categories?

Python Desktop Server gives me the option of using topics from topicexchange and/or categories. The difference being when I use "topics" my post gets put in the topicexchange rotation and with categories its easier to see just the posts on this blog. Hm.. suggestions? going to have to think on this. Bah, website isn't even resolving right now. That's fun.
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Plugin or client

The LaTeX interpreting code I want could probably be written in Perl as a plugin for GAIM but I just don't enjoy coding in Perl like I do Python. Hm.. It would find a broader userbase and probably get done sooner. Well, maybe sooner. Perl does take me longer than Python (and for anyone in general if the people I talk to are to be believed). GAIM is already decently cross-platform and looks like its going to be the IM client for Linux. Maybe I should forego the Python client until I get something actually working with GAIM.

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In My Mail Today

ethan ( http:// ) sent you a message through the Python Community Server:


Hehe, strange.

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