Something Similar 30.3.2004


International "Spank Your Maid" Month (NSFW)

I need to buy a French Maid outfit ASAP.
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Grammar God

Courtesy of Shannon:
Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

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This Reminds Me of Twisted

I hate to say it but it does. Twisted is great because it can do an amazing variety of things but the code is so complex and poorly documented that I (and quite a few others) just can't get through it. Even in the docs, they assume that you know how Twisted works internally and then tell you how to write code. Their tutorial, even at the beginning, has code that isn't intuitive at all, which could be understandable if they actually described what the code was doing (context). Instead, I'm left wondering how Part A was jammed to fit into Part Omega when internally Part A is put into Part B which was then sliced, diced and and fried, dipped in Substance Q and THEN fit into Part Omega.

Maybe I'm just an idiot programmer (which I will admit is likely) but I think its clear that Twisted, at the very least, needs to clean up their documentation. I would hate to say "don't use Twisted" because it's a really nice framework that covers a lot of ground and is founded on some very interesting ideas. However, all of their work has led to very complex code that has no clear explanations of how to use it and has been used in few actual libraries. Factory this, factory that.. never just a clear implementation. This is worse than just coding a library with no program that uses it, its coding a framework for a million different libraries with no libraries nor programs (see "Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves"). I have to first write a library to use the Twisted code I want, and then I get to actually write the program I want. Thats a couple of orders of magnitude too much.

Update: I was wrong to say "no libraries." There are libraries, just a very small number considering the depth and breadth of Twisted's scope.

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LaTeX, GAIM and Perl

Argh.. trying my hand at making a gaim plugin in Perl. um.. not going so hot. This is as far as I've gotten. I am really friggin' tired. Thank god my 8 o'clock Wave Mechanics lab was cancelled.

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Should I Be Happy?

Hehe, it didn't sink in that mywebsearch was "powered by Google" even though a couple of commenters had said so. Its a lot of fun to poke around at the related sites. Just sites I've linked to in the past. Amusing. Wonder how long it will take for Google to update its cache.. My call is 2 weeks. Bets?

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