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Maybe It's the Penguin

It feels so relaxed.
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TVs in the Student Union

The following is intensely boring if you are not a BGSU student (and probably still boring even if you are):

<rant> Ok, even though we've been forced out of the Union through the use of "Flexfunds" (you know how much $75 out of $1300 is? 6%.. six fucking percent), and even though we've taken a tuition hike because they need the money, and even though the Union rarely gets used anymore, the University decided to fund the installation six (6) hanging TVs in the Union.

What the hell do they want? The only reason to install those would be to get more people in the Union, but they have been telling everyone who will listen that they want more people in the other dining halls. I just don't get it. </rant>

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Battelle on Google's S-1

Google's S-1 filing is just so.. well.. Google-ish. Its clear, easy to read and "not evil." The founders are making it clear that they are the ones that are going to holding the reigns, not Wall Street and that makes me happy. Why, you ask? Because far too many excellent companies that did great things for their users get twisted and bloated when they hit the "big time." Google keeps it elegant. Like keeping it real, but for geeks.
Source: Boing Boing
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OSCommerce Looks Amazing

An open source ecommerce solution. Works right out of the box. Amazing. Written in PHP (I could stand to learn another language, right? :-/) and it seems very well designed. It even calculates taxes for whatever region of the world you're in. Can you say sweet?

I can. Sweet.

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Hehe, so nice looking.

And, yes, it does look a bit more like OSX. Sigh.. I really do love how OSX looks.

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Iraqi 'beaten to death' by US troops

Most of our troops would never think of doing such thingsbut fucking hell.. We're supposed to winning "hearts and minds" and this is what happens? This isn't the only example (note: that comes from a Frontline story).

Argh, damn these fuck ups calling themselves soldiers.

Update: Frontline story can be found here.

Update deux: The Brits are getting in on the brulization action as well

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Photos showing apparent abuse of hooded Iraqi prisoners (pics may be considered graphic)

FUCKERS We're supposed to be proud as a nation because we don't do this kind of shit. WTF.

See "Appalled" as well.

Update: There is also a picture of an Iraqi prisoner being forced to (simulate ? give?) oral sex to another person. Local 6 won't run it (too objectionable) but I'm looking for a link to it.

Update deux: Need a better site, but this will do for now. Graphic

Yeah I'm cranking Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and J-Live right now. Fuck it.

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It's Dane Cook, Bitch!

<Dane Cook Whore>

I get to see Dane Cook tomorrow and you probably are not. Bwahahaha!

This man is hysterical and his site is definitely worth perusing. Lots of great bits from his act and more. The video links are damn good. Going to have to remember to take money for a shirt or some such.

</Dane Cook Whore>

Update: Sweet jesus, he has an AIM screen name and has it posted on his site. I must calm the fanboy inside.

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Love Lives Are Weird

They really, really are.

That is all.

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CBS says the pictures it obtained show a wide range of abuses, including:
  • Prisoners with wires attached to their genitals
  • A dog attacking a prisoner
  • Prisoners being forced to simulate having sex with each other
  • A detainee with an abusive word written on his body.

Now the kicker:

A US general has been suspended in Iraq over the alleged abuse of prisoners by US troops in jails she ran.

Brigadier General Janis Karpinski is among seven officers being investigated following claims that soldiers under their command mistreated detainees.

The army confirmed the suspension after US television broadcast images of US soldiers allegedly abusing inmates at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad.

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Photoshopped dream houses comes through again.
Cottage in the sky

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Hey Ya with VG Characters

I heart stupid and silly flash movies to go along with songs.


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Slight CSS Change

Glargh, I've moved to a font I find much cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, now the calendar is all FUBAR'd. Sigh.. looking into it
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Jesus Christ Action Figure Commercial

With walk on water action!
Source: MetaFilter
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Get Your War On 34

Get Your War On, Get Your War on, Get Your War On...

How could that not be turned into an badass slice of hiphop?

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