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Geek Camp

Hey, sorry, won't be posting until maybe Saturyday. I'm off being a camp counselor at a physics camp for the rest of the week. My kids kick so much ass and the other counselor's are a blast. Oh, and since I haven't been on a rollercoaster in roughly a decade, Cedar Point was quite the thrill. More later this week (including pictures!).

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I suppose I lied about the "no new posts" for the weekend. Heh, I sound like Bush the First

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Social Organization Software

I was talking with one of my (many) cousins about his work with an up and coming high-end diamond business as their CTO. Now, among other things, these folks want their inventory and their accounting databases separate (that's and interesting story in and of itself), they are backwards and arcane in their view of technology (quote: "They don't understand buying anything that they can't turn around and sell for twice as much"), and they need software to help them track their clientele's social and business relationships with them. This is the kind of business that can and will spend $10,000 to $15,000 just to make a sale and they have to know exactly what the customer prefers and hates and what both sides has "done for each other recently" as the old saying goes.

I'm going to try not to say too much specifically about my cousin's views on these matters, or what the company is doing and so on, but I think this is an incredibly interesting niche to fill. Something like Gmail's "conversation" tracking idea would be astoundingly powerful in this. Combined with a great search engine (not necessarily Google good, but very well done), this could be an extremely powerful tool in the hands of sales divisions that specialize in these "one-on-one" clientele.

Conversation/email tracking in Google

Obviously there are some ethical quandries raised by helping people push such extreme luxury items to the uber-rich. On the other hand, this could also be used very well by charities as well. It's an interesting idea, nonetheless, and probably was designed and implemented before I ever thought it up Winky.

Bigger screenshot of Gmail's conversation tracker
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Fahrenheit 9/11

If you are one of those who wish to vote for Bush, or not vote at all in the coming election and do not wish to spend your own hard earned $10 on a ticket to see Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11", I have a proposition for you. I'll buy your ticket for you. Seriously. You need to see this film.

Thank you and good night.

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Sorry for the no posts. Going to be gone all weekend and I had to create and turn in two three page papers. The one I wrote about Williams, Pound, and the effects of WW1 on literature with a focus on how they reflect the larger themes of modernism in the time was fucking awesome. Anyway, I've got a grad party to go to for a cousin and my geek camp counseling job starts Sunday at noon. I'm extremely excited. Those poor kids are going to know what hit them.

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Yossarian Lives

Catch-22 does not exist

Yossarian Lives/Catch-22 does not exist


Update: Fixed links. sigh.

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Science, Meaning, Girls, Radiation, Clones

"As an adolescent I aspired to lasting fame, I craved factual certainty, and I thirsted for a meaningful vision of human life -- so I became a scientist. This is like becoming an archbishop so you can meet girls."
-- Matt Cartmill

So true that I'm beginning to see that becoming a scientist will mean me meeting more girls.


Yeah. I don't buy that, either. At this point, I'm just hoping I don't irradiate myself into sterility or senility. Of course, I'd prefer the former over the latter. Genetic researchers have made some astounding progress in human reproduction.

I'll pass on the clones, though. Nobody needs more of me and besides, who wants to chance being told that they look like an older version of "that really awful porno star that was the first to do 'mulchplay' [ed. Or something similar. Let your own minds wander.]"? That's a reputation you just don't want to see anywhere short of a lightsecond away from you. Bleh..

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Induced By Exhaustion

i go
i go
i go
i go and i go and i go.
never not go.

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"No. Bad grad student."

Some advice to young scientists with a focus on the agent-based systems, evolutionary algorithms, complex systems and artificial life but, in truth, these two propositions could be extrapolated out into larger, more general advice. But you're smart enough to figure out how on your own I would gather. I mean, you are reading my blog, right?

I'll be here basking in my hubris. It feels like warm bath of gelatin. Mmmm...

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Ok, now the "Consume!" link to the left actually links to the correct site. Damn.. long stupid story on how that happened. Bow before your super happy fun time giggle pal dual masters.

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I Think Of This Quote Everytime I Run Into A Broken Door

This door is baroquen, please wiggle Handel.
(If I wiggle Handel, will it wiggle Bach?)
-- Found on a door in the MSU music building

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Question For Other Gmail Users/Devs

Has anyone noticed a pattern in how Gmail distributes invites out? Is there a approximate time period or is it perhaps based on usage or does it seem to be a lottery with earlier users being given chances before older users? Hmm..

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We need more people like this in places of power.

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More Things I Did Not Know

Twisted does databases? I didn't know that! Something in twisted.enterprise apparently. One more reason to go back in and destroy my pathetic programming brain on it. Ooof.

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More kids smoking marijuana than tobacco.

posted by scarabic at 10:06 AM PST on June 23

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