Something Similar 7.7.2004

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SciPy Has A Beautiful Site

Wow, I hadn't had a chance to look into SciPY for a while but the new (to me) site for it looks great. Found it while googling up ipython. I suppose now I'll have to really make modules for SciPy and ipython. Argh, also will have to see what's keeping the latest version of Numeric Python from compiling.

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I finally subscribed to the linux-kernel mailing list. Of course, I used my brand spanking new gmail account to do it. A label and a couple of filters later and I'm snug like a bug in a rug. This is just such an intensely genius way of doing things. Like vFolders in evolution except with a smoother feel and a better user interface (In My Humble Opinion). OK, hopefully now my bout with insomnia is over.

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Python library for accessing Gmail. I must pay close attention to this.

Must.. write.. quick and dirty code..

Update: Now at SourceForge.

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Geek Camp Counseling

Being entertained by yougin's while riding rollar coasters and paid a wage under the auspices of working as a "counselor" is a very sweet deal.

The lack of sleep, however, does get to you.

Every sleep so much that one period of "consciousness" lasts for only 8 hours and consists mainly of you napping and mumbling through half-open lips and seeing through half-shut eyes?

Yeah, been there. Five days of 5-6 hours of sleep combined with running around and chasing down barely pubescent kids for 16 hours a day will do that to you.

Worth it. Totally fucking worth it.

Jeff plops two hundred dollars into his textbook fund and awaits the next week of geekdom

It's barely work when you get as great of kids as I did this past week. Where my Alligator Gummiebears at? Where are my Dum Dums at? Where's Ride Another Day at? And how about .. dammit.. I can't read my hand writing on this one.. well, hell.. you know who you are!

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