Something Similar 10.7.2004

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I Like Eating Pineapples

That is all.

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Nature: Friend and Foe

Links are coming slow, I know, but it will only get worse before it gets better. That's right, I'm off to geek camp again this Sunday. This time I'll be counseling the marine biology group. Erm. I'll be trekking through swamps, hanging out on trawlers, and using these broken-ass boots I own. Part of me wants to love doing it, and another, much more vocal part is flailing its arms and running into walls trying to convince me to get the hell out before Nature destroys me. Annihilated, I tell you, annihilated.

Not even a group of physics geeks to run off and begin impromptu lectures with. What will I do without human sponges soaking up discourses on quantum tunneling, time dilation and electroweak forces?


Could somebody please give me a run down of Ohio marine life so I don't like a complete fool trouncing around in waders? Letterimage Thanks!

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Just go already, ok?

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