Something Similar 16.7.2004

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It's pronounced approximately like "she".

That is all.

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Five Photon Entanglement

Sweet! Now we can have error checking and CNOT gates for quantum computers. I've grabbed a copy of the article from the latest volume of Nature (vol. 430) and it's over my head. Expected, but somewhat saddening.

So, in a bout of academic delight, not only did I buy two of my textbooks for the next semester (Readings in Social Deviance and Introduction to Electrodynamcis) but also checked out a copy of Introduction to Quantum Mechanics that was sitting on the "New Books" rack of the Ogg library (not to be confused with Ogg Vorbis).

Both of the Introductions are amazing and both just so happen to be written by the same man: David J. Griffiths. The humor and language make these wonderful choices for summer reading (er.. if you obsess over physics, that is). I noticed a personal connection with these two books. I know that my Advanced Electricity and Magnetism class is being taught by Prof. Xi and that he usually teaches the Quantum Mechanics course as well. Combining this with the fact that both of these great Introductions share the same author leads me to believe one of two statements:

  1. Prof. Xi owes Prof. Griffiths money
  2. Prof. Xi and Prof. Griffiths are madly in love

. . .

Griffiths rocks the casbah. Highly recommended.

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Here, but not quite. Smiley

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