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Hawking and Preskill Lose Black Hole Bet

Best article I've seen so far describing the bet and how Hawking and Preskill lost it. With quotes from Hawking and an quick overview of how he solved the issue.

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Fascinating and funny first-hand account of electroconvulsive therapy. It's certainly a useful procedure. A good heap of evidence demonstrates its viabilty. As a last resort, mind you, but it can be life changing. I can only wish Moose the best.

You rock, Nukey. \m/

The rest of you should take the time to peruse the earlier posts. His writing ability is amazing.

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Make that the 1st of August for fixing Incompletes. I really know how to fuck myself. All summer I had the chance to clean up and I start getting my act together in the past week. Damn. Options and work. Need to find some options and work my ass off. I'm so going to do this.

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I desperately want to go to the SciPy conference even though until recently I thought "SciPy" was merely the hip way all the cool kids were talking about Scientific Python these days. Why do I want to go you ask?


The same university that has an entire institute devoted to quantum computation is holding a conference on a Python library that is really handy for working with genetic algorithms. Of course, I want to go. The airfare is free (thank you, Dad, your love of piloting has done good, once again). The accomadations and actual ticket to the conference is not. The family I have living in Cali is far north of Pasadena (it's even fun to type, not just say!) and, well, I'll be damned if it won't be $150 out of my own pocket to get in.

It does look fun though. I would fly in on Tuesday, hit up some professors and talk about their research and graduate school opportunities on Wednesday and then hit up the conference Thursday and Friday. That would be fucking awesome.

Unfortunately, I have to worry about other things. I'm just moving in to a new field of research, struggling to figure out and finish the work I need to do to get rid of the Incomplete in Wave Mechanics and trying not to freak out about how soon the deadline is for that. Yeah, that looks real nice on my transcript and my prof is going to be so happy to see me come in tomorrow. I froze up tonight thinking about it, just like I did during the school year. Yeesh.

August 6th. Fuck. That's a lot sooner than August 21st.

Sidenote: The links I posted here are actually informative instead of the normal top-level "what-the-hell?" links I normally put up. Here's to a hopefully new trend in my posts.

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