Something Similar 30.7.2004

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Music To Live In

So last Saturday I went to this charity concert at the local UCF here in BG called No RNC. The UCF rather well known for its use by many groups, including the meditation classes at BGSU. There I met some great people and heard some amazing local music. The night began with some experimental/electronic music, on to Mechanical Cat, Anadonia and Bulletteeth. Great stuff all around. Afterwards, I hung out at what apparently is called the Web House. For those of you who know Bowling Green, its the house with the red and rainbow columns on their porch. I stayed the night there and in the morning got some great pancakes made with soy milk which was an incredibly pleasant experience.

At the moment, I'm listening to the Anadonia cd that the band dropped on me. They played a fucking great set which included a cover of the Pixies "Where Is My Mind?" Their take on it was wonderful. I don't know how to describe it. The music took a softer more thoughtful tone but was able to take on the abrasive, more amplified sound of the original when it was really needed. This cd has some amazing music on it (only 4 tracks) and I'm just going to have to rip and distribute. Their original work is better than their covers. I hope Jeff N. can convince his friend, the non-singing guitarist, to get them to come back down from Detroit. I suppose this was really "pseudo-local" then, eh?

I at one point knew the names of all of the people in the band.. but then I started drinking. I remember that I really had trouble that night with the only woman's name, and somehow I've managed to make it the only name I can remember. Also, she's the only name that came up when I started googling for Anadonia. Found a short bio on Teri but nothing about the band itself besides some outdated playing times. Heh, I remember why I remembered it. She's allergic to the wheat and couldn't drink the awful keg with us and no one had any of the alcohol she could drink. Most interesting drunken conversation I saw was between the drummer and Jacqulyn about whether being forced to take a college course which is merely a repetition of material know to you is worthwhile. I happened to have a loaner laptop and a blank CD-R for Jacqulyn and Jack to get a copy of the Anadonia cd. Considering the impression they left on a lot of people down here, I'm fairly certain that Anadonia will be making another appearance down here.

Of course, I would be remiss to not say that Mechanical Cat and Bulletteeth fucking rocked as well. I merely make note about Anadonia because everybody in Bowling Green knows that Bulletteeth and Mechanical Cat kick ass and I've only recently discovered this myself. I feel silly saying how much they rock when everybody here figured that out loooong ago. If you want to see a awesome punk band and a singer getting stripped out of his clothes by the audience at the same time, then look no further than Bulletteeth. If you desire rhymes about Bigfoot and politics over electronic beats coming out of an old 8-track machine (if I remember correctly), then find yourself a Mechanical Cat performance. And make sure you comment on his costume. He loves that thing.

Sidenote: "Anadonia" appears to be a misspelling (sort of, it seems to have some history of usage) of "anhedonia" which is "the inability to gain pleasure from normally pleasurable experiences." Is that not an great name pick or what?

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