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NVIDIA kernel module and XFree86 or XOrg

Note to the non-technical reader: Ignore this post unless you really want to read something that will teach you nothing.

I've now seen at least 2 other people besides myself run into this error. The latest was a rather nice fellow who posted it on the Lunar Linux mailing list. While using NVIDIA's linux drivers, and running XOrg, his X server refused to start and displayed this (edited):

Symbol noPanoramiXExtension from module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.o is unresolved!

This same thing can happen with the regular XFree86 X server as well. Now, because he was unable to find it using Google, and I had seen a few others with this problem, I decided I should share the super-secret solution to this. I hope this helps a few people. Google, you better be caching this.


horns blaring

Recompile your X server with the Xinerama extensions enabled.

Now if that makes no sense to you, consult your friendly neighborhood distro support. Alternatively, you could email me (you can do so by clicking here: Letterimage). Good luck.

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Wrist Sleeve For Cellphones

While I would never use it for carrying its intended payload, I'm damn sure I could figure out something much neater to do with it. Hmm.. from Boing Boing

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Speaking of CP

What timing. New measurements of charge-parity (CP) violation using a stronger methodology. Essentially, its been shown that matter and anti-matter are not perfectly "symmetrical", that their values are not just the "reverse" of the other, by examining how often B mesons and anti-B mesons (matter, and anti-matter particles, respectively) break down into K+pi- pairs (a pair of 2 more subatomic particles). Theory says that the decay of B and anti-B mesons should have the same probability of generating K+pi- pairs but according to this experiment there's a rather large discrepancy (910 pairs to 696 pairs).

God, I love this stuff. If you folks want a better explanation of CP violation, leave a comment, and I'll get cracking on it.

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Journal Publishers Pissed, Poor Science Students Get Way Too Excited

Congress is moving to force a shift to "open access," a form of free-to-consumer publishing, for scientific papers. The move angers commercial publishers, who see their livelihoods threatened and it scares scientific societies, who are afraid they will face losses or costs they cannot afford. Even librarians, who pushed for the move, are cautious, because they are concerned for the health of the scientific societies.

Peer-reviewed journals are the life's blood of scientific research. Through such quality-control vehicles, researchers can tap into what one another is doing. Journals often allow doctors to find out about new discoveries to help their patients, for example.

Unh, double unh, unh.

Please do it, congresscritters. I needs my peer review fix. I jones so bad when I'm not hanging out in the library stacks. If this happens, I'm going to be all for opening a bottle of hampagne over a nice Open Acess CP violation paper. Or maybe a neat neuroscience paper. Oh, oh! What about one on gene expression patterns in embryogenesis of.. er.. some species!

Sigh, until that time I guess I can satisfy myself with arXiv.

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Hewlett-Packard Launches Line of Linux Laptop

This news is slightly dated (a whole 2 days old) but thats only because I hadn't gotten around to looking at the laptops themselves. Now I have. And I want. You can get SUSE Linux 9.1 already installed on it. And if you choose SUSE 9.1 as your operating system, you subtract $50 from the total price! Yummy! It's also in their "lightweight" line of notebooks! Sweet! I'll be damned if I isn't out of my (and most college students) price range. Car first, laptop second (ugh). So, all of my college peers cheer yourself up with a free iPod by clicking here. Winky

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Bush Ratings vs. Terror Alerts

There are few things that are quite evident from the chart:

- Whenever his ratings dip, there's a new terror alert.

- Every terror alert is followed by a slight uptick of Bush approval ratings.

- As we approach the 2004 elections, the number and frequency of terror alerts keeps growing, to the point that they collapse in the graphic. At the same time, Bush ratings are lower than ever.

Interesting. One could argue that the frequency of terror alerts is going up is due to terrorists wishing to disrupt the democratic process and increasing their planning as the presidential election nears. However,the correlation of terror alerts with Bush's dips in ratings and the timing of certain events such as the Democratic National convention cannot be ignored. To be honest, these vague "alerts" which lately are using old information (i.e. the latest one that was based on data that mentioned buildings being cased before 9/11), leave me unable to believe that this is simply "terrorist chatter" increasing.

Forgive any grammar problems. I'm dropping off but wanted to mention this.

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Broken Libraries

Does anyone know of a tool that flits about your filesystem and checks for shared libraries with broken links or am I going to have to write the damn thing? I know it could be done semi-trivially but I hate wasting all of that time that I could be using on my ~3 projects at the moment. Heh, thanks.

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