Something Similar 7.8.2004

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Convergence Kills: What Apple is Planning For

Excellent article describing what Apple seems to be trying to with their iPod/iTunes products and how that ties into convergence, cellphones, movies-on-demand and the MPAA (semi-spoiler: DRM). Far more interesting than this summary gives.

I waited to post this but once I saw the followup, I knew I had to post it. For what its worth, this also really made me decide that anyone just sitting around waiting to see the cellphone market either implode or stabilize at a much slower rate is really going to be getting the best deal long term. It has to do one or the other. The cellphone market is moving to complete oversaturation (if it hasn't reached that point yet) and something has to give. Either quite a few companees give up on it and it slows to a sustainable rate (Ha! And lose out on those short term profits? Never!) or it reaches critical mass. Just my 2 cents.

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omg Classes

I'm beginning to go into serious withdrawal. I really just need to slip into a nice cryofreeze pod for the next 2 weeks. I'm in desperate need of the company of friends and the vast majority of them are still out in the Great Unknown (Ohio). To those of you whom I'm speaking of, prepare yourselves. You will not only be getting Jeff-bear-hugs but Jeff-bear-hugs-with-swing. If you're pregnant, have a heart condition or have a weak stomach, please infrom me prior to.

Sigh.. 2 more weeks until I get to play with my "Mathematical Methods in Physics" class.

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